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Custom Publication

In a magazine when you read the index, you see so many different articles by different people. Sometimes not all have been written by those in that particular organization. Some articles are outsourced to companies one such as ours.

Custom Publication

At Trinity we write articles based on what our clients want. We research and present well organized informative articles that are published by you. This makes it a little easier on the organizations/individual that is outsourcing it. Custom publication also involves creating an entire index and its content. We form your index according to what our clients want and if needed, we advise. We have an excellent team of researchers and content writers that form the best content that has its maximum potential. Trinity Global Services' strong domain expertise and publishing experience offer end-to-end custom publishing solutions, both in print and online. We have a team of content specialists and veteran journalists to provide a perfect mix of experience and expertise to suit your requirements. We undertake complete editorial and design responsibilities, including pre and post production process.

The growth of niche marketing will increase the need of custom publication in marketing.

  • Content & Creative Concept Development
  • Script which is well researched/original editorial contents
  • Manage art, layout, design and photography sourcing
  • Interview sources, proofread and edit
  • Facilitate advertising space sales/sponsorship
  • Pre & post production
  • Digital Services/e-Newsletter
  • E-Direct Writing
  • Our turnkey custom publishing services
  • In-house journals – Whitepapers – Customer Newsletters – Research & Survey Reports – Coffee Table Books – Brochures/Marketing collaterals

At Trinity, we help you bring your vision to life in the form of writing. We help you gain maximum impact in your field. If you trust us with your publication, we promise to provide the best results that will benefit you.

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